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Mid-membranous Vocal Fold Lesion clinical trials at UCLA

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  • Laryngeal and Vocal Tract Strategies to Reduce Vocal Fold Contact Pressure

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    Phonotraumatic vocal hyperfunction is one of the most frequently occurring conditions to affect the voice. This voice disorder often involves vocal fold injury due to repeated, excessive contact pressure between the vocal folds when they collide during voice production. In the clinic, voice therapy attempts to modify unhealthy vocal behaviors through different techniques or exercises. While voice therapy is generally considered effective, the scientific rationale for its therapeutic benefits still remains unclear. It is generally believed that these exercises lead to adjustments in the larynx and vocal tract that reduce vocal fold contact pressure. However, this assumption has never been tested in humans or laboratory experiments. The goal of this clinical trial is to investigate the effectiveness of voice therapy in reducing vocal fold contact pressures and in eliciting the hypothesized favorable laryngeal and vocal tract configurations.

Our lead scientists for Mid-membranous Vocal Fold Lesion research studies include .

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