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Drug Interaction clinical trials at UCLA

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  • Mirtazapine and Methamphetamine Drug-drug Interaction Study

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    This is a drug-drug interaction (DDI) study of mirtazapine for methamphetamine (MA) use disorder (MUD) to ensure the safety of this medication in the presence of a relevant dose of MA for people actively-using MA. Aim 1: To determine if mirtazapine alters the cardiovascular response to IV MA. Aim 2: To determine if the pharmacokinetics of IV MA are altered by mirtazapine administration. Aim 3: To evaluate the above aims in the setting of concomitant administration of methadone. This study involves two simultaneous within-subject drug-drug interaction studies, each comprised of 12 participants. A total of 24 subjects will be enrolled who have methamphetamine use disorder who will be classified into 2 groups: (Group 1: no opioids; Group 2: opioid use disorder on methadone maintenance). Subjects will be randomized to the order of mirtazapine and placebo (i.e. one-half will receive mirtazapine first, then placebo; one-half will receive placebo first, then mirtazapine).

    Los Angeles, California and other locations

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