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Coronary Artery Disease clinical trials at UCLA

14 in progress, 4 open to eligible people

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  • Physiology-guided vs Angiography-guided Non-culprit Lesion Complete Revascularization for Acute MI & Multivessel Disease

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    COMPLETE-2 is a prospective, multi-centre, randomized controlled trial comparing a strategy of physiology-guided complete revascularization to angiography-guided complete revascularization in patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) or non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) and multivessel coronary artery disease (CAD) who have undergone successful culprit lesion Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI). COMPLETE-2 OCT is a large scale, prospective, multi-centre, observational, imaging study of patients with STEMI or NSTEMI and multivessel CAD in a subset of eligible COMPLETE-2 patients.

    Los Angeles, California and other locations

  • Coronary Computed Tomography Study to Assess the Effect of Inclisiran in Addition to Maximally Tolerated Statin Therapy on Atherosclerotic Plaque Progression in Participants With a Diagnosis of Non-obstructive Coronary Artery Disease Without Previous Cardiovascular Events

    open to eligible people ages 18-80

    CKJX839D12303 is a research study to determine if the study treatment, called inclisiran, in comparison to placebo taken in addition to statin medication can effectively reduce the total amount of plaque formed in the heart's vessels as measured by coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) from baseline to month 24. This study is being conducted in eligible participants with a diagnosis of non-obstructive coronary artery disease (NOCAD), where the coronary arteries are blocked less than 50%, and with no previous cardiovascular events.

    Torrance, California and other locations

  • Tirzepatide on Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis Using MDCT

    open to eligible people ages 40-80

    A multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group phase IV Study evaluating the effects of tirzepatide on atherosclerotic plaque progression assessed by coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) in participants with a diagnosis of type II Diabetes (T2DM) and atherosclerosis.

    Torrance, California

  • Product Surveillance Registry

    open to all eligible people

    The purpose of the Registry is to provide continuing evaluation and periodic reporting of safety and effectiveness of Medtronic market-released products. The Registry data is intended to benefit and support interests of patients, hospitals, clinicians, regulatory bodies, payers, and industry by streamlining the clinical surveillance process and facilitating leading edge performance assessment via the least burdensome approach.

    Van Nuys, California and other locations

  • PANDORA: Delirium Prevention After Cardiac Surgery Using IV Acetaminophen to Prevent Postoperative Delirium in Older Cardiac Surgical Patients

    Sorry, not currently recruiting here

    Our objective is to find an effective prophylactic intervention by evaluating IV acetaminophen's impact in reducing the frequency of postoperative delirium, one of the most common and detrimental complications of cardiac surgery in older adults.

    Los Angeles, California and other locations

  • Women's IschemiA TRial to Reduce Events In Non-ObstRuctive CAD

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    The Ischemia-IMT (Ischemia-Intensive Medical Treatment Reduces Events in Women with Non-Obstructive CAD), subtitle: Women's Ischemia Trial to Reduce Events in Non-Obstructive CAD (WARRIOR) trial is a multicenter, prospective, randomized, blinded outcome evaluation (PROBE design) evaluating intensive statin/ACE-I (or ARB)/aspirin treatment (IMT) vs. usual care (UC) in 4,422 symptomatic women patients with symptoms and/or signs of ischemia but no obstructive CAD. The hypothesis is that IMT will reduce major adverse coronary events (MACE) 20% vs. UC. The primary outcome is first occurrence of MACE as death, nonfatal MI, nonfatal stroke/transient ischemic attack (TIA) or hospitalization for heart failure or angina. Secondary outcomes include quality of life, time to "return to duty"/work, health resource consumption, angina, cardiovascular (CV) death and primary outcome components. Events will be adjudicated by an experienced Clinical Events Committee (CEC). Follow-up will be 3-years using 50 sites: primarily VA and Active Duty Military Hospitals/Clinics and a National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet) clinical data research network (CDRN)(OneFlorida Consortium). This study is being conducted to determine whether intensive medication treatment to modify risk factors and vascular function in women patients with coronary arteries showing no flow limit obstruction but with cardiac symptoms (i.e., chest pain, shortness of breath) will reduce the patient's likelihood of dying, having a heart attack, stroke/TIA or being hospitalized for cardiac reasons. The results will provide evidence data necessary to inform future guidelines regarding how best to treat this growing population of patients, and ultimately improve the patient's cardiac health and quality of life and reduce health-care costs.

    Los Angeles, California and other locations

  • XIENCE Skypoint Large Vessel Post Approval Study

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    SPIRIT XLV PAS is a prospective, single arm, multi-center, US and OUS post-approval observational study to evaluate the continued safety and effectiveness of the XIENCE Skypoint Large Vessel Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System (EECSS) Large Vessel (LV) sizes (diameter 4.5 mm and 5.0 mm) during commercial use in a real-world setting.

    Santa Monica, California and other locations

  • Colchicine on Progression of Known Coronary Atherosclerosis in Patients With Stable Coronary Artery Disease

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    This is a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled, investigator-initiated trial that compares Colchicine 0.5mg/day with placebo, among patients with stable CAD. Subjects will be educated to maintain medication compliance with other prescribed medications.

    Torrance, California

  • Evolocumab in Patients at High Cardiovascular Risk Without Prior Myocardial Infarction or Stroke

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    This study will assess the effect of lowering low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) with evolocumab on major cardiovascular events in adults without a prior myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke who are at high risk of a cardiovascular event.

    Torrance, California and other locations

  • Treatment Strategies for Severe CaLcIfic Coronary Arteries: Orbital Atherectomy vs. Conventional Angioplasty Technique Prior to Implantation of Drug-Eluting StEnts: The ECLIPSE Trial

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    This trial will evaluate Orbital Atherectomy compared to conventional balloon angioplasty technique for the treatment of severely calcified lesions prior to implantation of drug-eluting stents (DES).

    Los Angeles, California and other locations

  • Thiamine Intervention and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

    Sorry, not yet accepting patients

    The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of the association between brain changes and cognitive deficits in coronary heart disease (CHD) patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and whether a low-cost thiamine intervention can be used to reduce post-CABG cognitive issues in CHD subjects.

    Los Angeles, California


    Sorry, not currently recruiting here

    The goal of this study is to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of a novel plaque-based coronary CT angiography (CCTA) fractional flow reserve (FFRct) software device for the estimation of invasive fractional flow reserve (FFR). Researchers will compare the Elucid plaque-based FFRct analysis to invasively measured FFR in patients who have previously undergone CCTA and invasively assessed FFR.

    Beverly Hills, California and other locations

  • Progression of AtheRosclerotic PlAque DetermIned by Computed TomoGraphic Angiography Imaging(PARADIGM)

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    To describe the natural history of the coronary atherosclerotic plaque development and progression over time by CCTA with demographic and laboratory data for refinement of risk stratification of patients referred for CCTA.

  • Serial PET MPI in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

    Sorry, accepting new patients by invitation only

    This study aims to evaluate the effects of cardiotoxic cancer therapies on myocardial blood flow (MBF) and perfusion in a prospective sample of VA patients.

    Los Angeles, California

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